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Chris Wharton

I began playing drums at the age of 13 when I happened to see one of my class mates play a simple drum groove. From that moment I was hooked on drumming and every lunch time, break and after school opportunity I would be playing on a kit.
From then on I quickly started to become involved with bands, playing in shows and ensembles...Every waking moment I was thinking about drums. It took me 4 years to persuade my folks to buy me my first kit which was a bright red Pearl Export Rock kit. Indeed much of my success later on in life has come from a supportive loving family who have let me follow my dreams and ambitions (thank you mum and dad). Uneasy about me playing drums in our semi they put me in a shed at the bottom of the garden (which was like a giant speaker) - up until the age of sixteen I spent my time there practicing, practicing and practicing...
At the age of 16 I attended Preston College where I studied a BTEC in Music Technology. After 2 years of college I went to Salford University where in 1999 I gained a first class honours degree in Band Musicianship. Upon leaving Salford and already having a number of live gigs and recording sessions under my belt I decided to study for a PGCE in Music at Manchester Metropolitan University. My first teaching post was at a school in Bolton where I was head of Music.
Along the path of drum education I was lucky enough to study with some of the countries finest drum tutors including Eryl Roberts, Dave Hassell and Steve Gilbert. These talented individuals gave me inspiration for my own teaching which at present is my primary day to day job. I have an excellent rapport with some of the North West's finest schools and have been lucky enough to work at: The King's School, Chester, The Queen's School, Chester, Abbeygate College, Bishops High School and Christleton High School. I am also a visiting lecturer at Chester University where I have taught a variety of different modules (primarily kit) on the Popular Music Degree course. In addition to this busy schedule I have also taught A Level Music Technology at The KIng's School for the past 7 years.
Over the years I have worked with many different bands and artist in the UK abroad including: The Goodfellas, The Beale Street Band, Opus De Funk, The Moochers, The Junior Parker Band, The JP Band, International Exports, Jonathan Davies and Tori Bragg. I have also been involved with numerous one off recording sessions, pit work and work using percussion. I run a Samba band called 'Sambadouro' which regularly performs at fetes and large events. I have a solid playing style with a relaxed technique allowing me to produce fluid grooves to sit with any rhythm section or backing track. Please contact me for further details.

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About Me

I am a professional drummer based in the North West. I undertake playing work of any nature from recording sessions in any style to shows in front of large audiences. I have a solid yet subtle playing style and my forte is within the style of Funk and Jazz where my main influence has been 'Tower of Power's' - David Garibaldi.
Chris has the ability to groove within any rhythm section ....
Andy Parker - Junior Parker Band