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My Setup

Below are some pictures of the my main kit that I currently use for studio and live work. The drums are Sonor Designer Series which are custom made in Germany. I opted for a 22" x 18" BD made from maple, a 14" x 15" floor tom also made from maple and 2 rack toms made from birch - sizes 8" x 7" and 10" x 8" . The snare drum is 14" x 7" and is also made form birch. I chose maple (which is deeper) for the bottom end drums and birch for the snare and rack toms which cut through with a bright sound. The finish is birds eye maple with a cherry to amber fade. All drums have Remo Pinstripes on the top and clear Ambassadors on the bottom. I use a coated Ambassador on the snare and an Evans Emad bass drum skin which provides a loud dampened thud.

I use Sabian and Zildjian cymbals including 14" hand hammered 'Fusion' hats, 16" hand hammered 'Medium Thin' crash, a Zildjian K 17" 'Dark' crash and a Sabian 22" David Garibaldi signature series 'Jam' ride. I use 'Hardcase' cases, 'Roc 'n' Soc' stool and 'Vic Firth' 5a wood tip sticks. I have used the same single bass drum pedal for the past 14 years which is a Tama Iron Cobra single chain pedal - very robust!

For recordings I use the following mics: 2 x AKG C1000's for overheads, 1x C1000's for hi-hats, 3 x Sennheiser E604 clip on mics for the toms, Sennheiser E606 for the snare and finally a fantastic Audix D6 mic for the bass drum.
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Aerial View
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8" Tom
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Front View
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Mighty View
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Side View
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Stool Logo
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Aerial View 2
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Front View 2
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Mighty View 2

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About Me

I am a professional drummer based in the North West. I undertake playing work of any nature from recording sessions in any style to shows in front of large audiences. I have a solid yet subtle playing style and my forte is within the style of Funk and Jazz where my main influence has been 'Tower of Power's' - David Garibaldi.
Chris has the ability to groove within any rhythm section ....
Andy Parker - Junior Parker Band